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This is a favourite book in our house - well at least for Mike and I. James and Shae aren't as interested as it's quite wordy and hard to keep their interest but man, this book is a winner. I especially love the part about waiting.

We can all relate can't we? Mike and I often laugh each morning - what are we waiting for today? It can be something as silly as an email response or something much bigger like progress in a particular developmental milestone. Many of these blog posts describe this in some way - an update on what we're waiting for and how it's going. Often I find myself taking a step back and asking, is what I'm waiting for realistic? Or even, what am I waiting for exactly? "The waiting place" that Dr. Seuss refers to is so relatable.

A song my cousin, Jon Shabaglian, wrote called "Keep Watching" I find so encouraging in this waiting period (find this song and others at . The chorus goes like this:

Keep watching toward Heaven

Fixing our eyes over the horizon

Keep watching while waiting

Fixing our eyes on Jesus

I love the balance between remaining hopeful but also facing the realistic periods of waiting in our lives.  We can't avoid the waiting - it's an annoying part of life that is for sure. But along with the waiting, I'm reminded to fix my eyes on Jesus, the one who holds us all in the palm of His hand.

Another song that speaks to my soul is by Steven Curtis Chapman (another favourite in our house). It's called "A little more time to love" (watch here.) This song I find such an anthem of God's promises. So good. So while I wait, I find these words are so wonderful to meditate on.

September unfortunately started with James getting hand, foot and mouth. That was a new experience for us all and one I hope never happens again - poor little guy was not happy.  We had to take some time off therapy but we've been back to it for about 2 weeks now. If you follow me on Instagram or are my friend on Facebook, you've likely seen the majority of these videos already as I post as stories often. If not, here's a highlight of the last month or so. Thanks for encouraging us all in our wait :)

Speech Therapy with Sarah:

Walking at Conductive Education with Fruzsina:

Trying out a new walker at Grandview with Kate:

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) with Judy (she’s an Osteopath):

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