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Videos from the Fall Season

I want to start this post by just saying how amazing my wife is for organizing and taking James Michael and Shae to the many therapies listed below week after week.  We know that James Michael needs each of these programs, especially at an early age, to reach whatever mobility he is able to achieve, and Alison is devoted day after day to helping him accomplish this.  You’re simply amazing!

Monday morning Speech Therapy with Sarah:

James at his Monday Physiotherapy with Joanne and team:

Tuesday Grandview Physiotherapy with Kate:

Wednesday Conductive Education with Monika and Fruzsina (thanks Opa for taking him to these sessions!)

Thursday Osteopathy with Judy:

This cuddle is after Judy did some cranial work on James.  It makes him really relaxed.

Friday Massage Therapy with Shannon:

At The Wiggles Concert in October:

James using one of his assistive devices at home.  He hated this walker (which I call “the crossbow”) for a number of months, but he finally came around :)

When I think about all of the time, commitment and cooperation from family, the professional community, our work communities and our church family it can get overwhelming pretty quickly.  There are many unsung heroes and cheerleaders for James Michael that help out behind the scenes and all of you deserve a big “thank you”!  But the greatest of whom is his mom (the one behind the camera).  James Michael gets much of his resiliency and perseverance from her.  Looking back on the variety of efforts that Alison has implemented across the medical and therapeutic worlds is truly inspiring.

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