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That's a wrap, August!

It's amazing how quickly the summer flies by! Here we are at the end of August, getting ready for Mike to go back to work next week (teaching grade 7 and 8 at Duffin's Bay). It has been such a gift to have him home with us on parental leave ever since Shae was born in November.  We are so glad we took advantage of this opportunity.

August started with James turning 2 years old! He was spoiled with many gifts from family including tickets to see his favourite show, the Wiggles, in October! He went to Conductive Education camp in the mornings for 2 weeks with the March of Dimes. They are so good with keeping things fun and engaging for him and his buddy, Kiaan.

Walking with the ladder in CE

We've continued with massage, osteopathy, Grandview and Medek with SMILE (sensory motor integrated learning experience).  In Medek, James does better when we're not in the room so Jo-Anne sent me some videos of what he was doing on Monday. We're so happy that he does not cry much at all anymore during this therapy! Crying has now been reserved to our osteopathy appointments! Judy (osteopath) uses the DNS approach (dynamic neuromuscular stabilization). She focuses on James being able to use his stabilizing muscles in his core, shoulders, and hips to maintain 4 point crawling positions while reaching and rotating his body. It's definitely necessary to help James find more ways to move but he sure shows her some 2 year old attitude in the process! In our appointment today though we used the Wiggles as a distraction as she tried some cranial work.  He did much better today!

Jo-Anne has used TheraTogs in her last 2 appointments with James. They help to improve his stability and posture.

James got his first pair of AFOs (ankle foot orthotics) or "super shoes" as we've heard them called! We use them in any standing or walking exercises we do with James to prevent him from locking his knees and curling his toes. He's responded well to them so far.

Also new this month, is including weekly speech therapy in our schedule! Sarah is fantastic with James! He loves all the new toys she brings with her and it's an added bonus that she comes to our house!

Sarah and James

We continue to have home visits from our OT (occupational therapist), Melinda. She has been with us the longest! She and James have such a special relationship. She helps us with whatever is "missing" in James' therapy schedule. Lately, she's been helping us with seating options for James that properly support him while eating and playing. She is great at problem solving!

Melinda and James

The post would be incomplete without including something of James' sister, Shae. She is crawling all over the place, pulling herself up onto furniture and getting into everything! She loves crawling over and pinning James down and thankfully, James thinks it's funny! It's great to see their sibling bond developing - hitting, biting, laughing and all! Just wait till Shae has hair - James can get her back!

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