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We have a cancellation date!

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

We have more good news! Last week we shared that we had been given an earlier SDR date for February 2020 and there was still chance of an earlier date if a cancellation became available. Well... yesterday we recevied very exciting news. James is now scheduled for SDR surgery on October 31, 2019! How amazing is that? We are so thankful for this news. Mike will have a great birthday present (along with my sister and brother-in-law who all share the same birthday) on October 28th. That is James' pre-op appointment in St. Louis. Our last day of outpatient physiotherapy in St. Louis will be November 26th so we will be in St. Louis for a month. Thank you for your prayers about this very specific request! We are so thrilled!

James' therapy schedule hasn't slowed down at all this summer. This week he had Medek and occupational therapy at SMILE therapy for kids in Vaughan, physiotherapy at Grandview in Ajax, speech therapy and horse back riding (also known has hippotherapy) at WindReach Farm. Today we go for an assessment at Grandview for their therapeutic recreation program. This guy keeps us busy!

The stander we're currently using. We're getting fitted for a different type at the end of the month. Also, a good use of Mike's Shakespeare Anthology for establishing the incline needed

Shae always wants to be next to her brother!

Sibling love

Shae is 20 months and full of energy!

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