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  • Alison Wilson

Goodbye St. Louis!

Our time in St. Louis has come to an end. James had his last outpatient therapy appointment today and we saw Dr. Park yesterday. He's happy with the progress James has already made since SDR. We are to send the team videos of James in 6 months to see how he's doing.

James has responded really well to therapy here which we are so thankful for. Ally and Addy (supervised by Molly) were our therapists for the past 3 weeks. Now if James could respond just as well to his parents doing our home program, we'll be doing great!

James and his physiotherapist, Ally

James and his physiotherapist, Addy

James has been really motivated to walk which is encouraging. He gets fatigued quickly but we'll continue to work on his endurance. We've been excited to see him require less and less assistance from us.

We'll miss the long hallways at the Chase to practice...

And one more, just because she's cute!

We're all packed up and ready for our long road trip tomorrow. We've had a great month in St. Louis with a world-class team but we are ready to get home. Thank you for the support everyone. We so appreciate it.

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