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Outpatient Therapy Week 2

Today in therapy, since our walker hasn't arrived yet we decided to try a different one that was available. James rocked it! Even despite his "super loose" legs for the time being (until he gains back some more strength). He was so excited to try out a new walker, you could see it in his eyes. Once he felt a little security that he could do it, he walked about 35 feet with Addi assisting him. But notice - no harness! Since his brain still remembers what his legs used to do, which was scissor when stepping forward, he will need to train himself that he doesn't have to do that anymore. Each week is unveiling small progress and a greater confidence.

We've put James in his stander a couple times since his surgery. He's also getting used to stretching with knee immobilizers. We will gradually increase the total time he's wearing them each day (the goal is to wear them for 8 hours while he sleeps each night). .

We've had a great time with my parents here this week. We went to the zoo on Shae's 2nd birthday on Sunday and the science centre yesterday together.

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