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The next phase

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

If you've checked our GoFundMe page lately, you've seen that we are doing very well in our fundraising efforts! In fact, we've met our goal of $140, 000 in just over 4 months! Wow! We are incredibly grateful and amazed by our community both locally and abroad that have contributed to this total. Thank you so much everyone!

So, where does this leave us now? We want to update you all about that. The projected costs we shared here included the funds needed to cover James' surgery, pre-surgery physiotherapy for a year and post-surgery therapy for a year. As we look into the future, there certainly will be other costs that we can foresee - the big one being regular physiotherapy for years to come. Beyond the intensive year of post-SDR therapy, James will require regular physiotherapy to maintain his mobility including Conductive Education at the March of Dimes, SMILE therapy for kids in Vaughan, osteopathy in Whitby, and horseback riding at WindReach Farms to name a few. We also know there will be equipment costs in our future beyond the one year timeframe we've budgeted for in the breakdown we shared. For this reason, we are going to continue with our fundraising events we have already planned for the fall. We want to celebrate all that we've accomplished as a community to raise for James and to look beyond to his future needs in the years to come. If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to talk to Mike or I.

With that said, our next fundraiser will be a concert at the Whitby Courthouse Theatre on Sunday, September 8th, 2019 - Step onto the Road. Come enjoy a concert featuring 13 original folk/country/blues songs written by Michael Wilson and performed with a full band exploring what it means to live committed to the values of family, walking the Christian path and celebrating what is local. The concert will be followed by a reception of drinks and appetizers with CD's available for purchase. Visit our website to purchase tickets.

We want to highlight some caring individuals who have done awesome things to raise money for our journey with James Michael. You'll remember the Bracebridge Birthday Carnival all in support of James (if you haven't read about it yet, you can here). The same kids, Phenix and Journey, decided they weren't done fundraising for James! They had a yard sale and gave all the proceeds to James. They set up a table with baked goods and a variety of other snacks to sell all in support of James! Their hearts are so big and we're so thankful for their kindness and generosity (and of course modelled by their amazing mother, Katie Peleikis).

Our friend, Deborah Nash has also initiated a way to raise funds at her high school. She is in a parenting class where her and a friend have been sewing quilts. They decided to sell tickets at their school for the quilts all in support of James! Thanks so much Deb!

The kids are loving their matching tricycles this summer!

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