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  • Alison Wilson

TASES Workshop

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

We were at SMILE (sensory motor integrated learning experience) therapy today in Vaughan. We were asked if we were willing to have James involved in their workshop to learn TASES (task specific electrical stimulation) led by Judy Carmick who's visiting from Alamo, California. We immediately said yes! "Electrical stimulation can activate muscles and provide sensory and motor input and awareness to the user. This increased muscle awareness and ability of the muscle to contract assists muscle and movement function. The child’s joint range of motion increases, the muscles become more active and benefit movement and function immediately as well as over time" (

James did so well and seemed to really enjoy all the attention he was getting! Lots was learned from the SMILE physios as well as Mike and I which we'll apply in his future therapy each week at SMILE and at home.

Lots of attention!

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