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Step Onto The Road Concert

What an evening! The concert raised a very successful $16, 500!

I began the concert by explaining how the songs I've written over the last year and a half have all been influenced by reflecting upon the idea of a "journey".

"Many of the songs tonight use the metaphor of a journey, a road, a way, a path, or a trail. They all stem from the same question of “how do I want to cross over the terrain that lies in front of me?” This is where the experience of hiking has deeply influenced me. Think about the wilderness for a moment - a dense forest that has not been crossed. The life of a trailblazer is often over-glorified. Their life is full of wrong turns, exhaustion, frustration and second guessing - just think about the daily grind of constantly pushing back the brush hoping your bearings are correct at the end of the day.

To follow a path on the other hand, is an experience of relief, of peace of mind, of knowing that you’re not alone, that others have trail blazed and walked the road that is ahead of you. To follow in their footsteps on the path is to have a certain confidence that the direction you are going is heading somewhere. To follow requires trust.

I wholeheartedly agree with the author Robert Moor who says that

“A path is a way of making sense of the world. There are infinite ways to cross a landscape; the options are overwhelming, and pitfalls abound. The function of a path is to reduce this teeming chaos into an intelligible line” (Robert Moor)

We all choose a path, whether we like to admit it or not. These songs attempt to direct my path toward the three themes of celebrating what is local, devotion to the family and to embrace a life that travels with faith along the way. I want to learn how to follow these paths for the trail that lies ahead of me.

“Step Onto The Road” summarizes the main concept of the album. The last line of the song reads “The road is a beautiful place when you’re following the way, the adventure lies beyond your door there’s a trail to blaze." The verses are filled with travelling advice to act as signposts helping to guide you along the way and the chorus points towards the presence of the Creator being with you as you go encouraging you to “to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly” down the darkened streets. 

Here's a clip from the song "Eastbound".

This next song called "Hometown Blues" is about finding contentment in life and appreciating what is local to you.

“Many Paths to Tread”, an instrumental song, speaks to the experience of excitement and trouble as you navigate the unfamiliar. 

"Brooklin Fair" is a fun song I wrote after playing at the fair a couple years ago.

The Band: Tim, Jordan, Mike, Alison, Ryan, Jeff, Sheldon

Whitby Mayor Don Mitchell and Councillor Deidre Newman came to the Concert!

Lorne Coe, MPP, attended the concert too! What an honour!

Some pics from the reception:

Message us if you want a CD

Thank you Grandma Wilson for listening!

Thank you to everyone involved for sharing in such a fun experience together. Another chapter in the Journey With James Michael.

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