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SDR Surgery Update

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

We are so thrilled to update you all that we have been bumped up on the St. Louis SDR wait list to February 2020! We are so thankful for this! We’re still on the wait list so there’s a chance we could get an even earlier date. We’ll see! But for now, we are feeling the blessing of the many prayers that have been focused for this specific request.

James has been at Conductive Education camp each morning for the last couple weeks and loving it! Last week was a pirate theme. He’s been in a group of about 8 kids ranging in age. It’s been cool to see him with older kids (10 years old) to look up to.

We enjoyed some time on Lake Vernon with my grandparents and cousins, Emma and Jake, on Canada Day. The kids enjoyed boating with Grandpa and swimming! And Shae was very interesting in Annie the dog but didn’t want to get too close to her!

We will be trying out some new standers for James at the end of this month. The one we are using now isn’t the best for James. We’re looking for one that keeps James more upright and legs wide apart (abducted is the physio term) for his hip health. James is on hip surveillance as his hip X-ray last year showed 30% subluxation on both sides (meaning his hip bone is 30% out of the socket). Of course this is concerning and a reason to get as much weight bearing activity as possible (why the stander is very needed for his hip development). We will keep you posted as to what the X-ray results are next month. We hope that nothing has changed from a year ago.

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