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  • Alison Wilson

Ready, Steady, Wiggle!

We had an amazing time today at our 2nd experience at the Wiggles concert! These tickets were very generously gifted to us from our good friends, Kelly and Jay Lyons. We have gotten to know them through our CP community. We laugh that we seem to live parallel lives - each of our families have 2 kids 15 months apart and our oldest (James and Peyton) both have cerebral palsy. James and Peyton are 3 (4 months apart) and their younger siblings (Shae and Sadie) are also just 4 months apart! Kelly, like Mike, is a teacher! Anyway, very similar lives! They are such a sweet family. Thank you so much for gifting us these tickets! It was so nice of you! We had such a fun time. The kids loved it!

It is very evident that our kids share the love of music that Mike and I do. It is such a joy to experience it together!

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