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  • Alison Wilson

Physical Therapy Assessment

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

James did so well at his physical therapy assessment appointment this afternoon. The entire appointment was videotaped so that Dr. Park can refer to it to compare when we send him in videos of his progress months later. I love seeing James in therapy. I'm reminded of how far we've come - both in terms of mobility and his overall attitude and tolerance to therapy. He was smiling the entire appointment today! The therapists were so impressed by his happy and agreeable attitude. It made me proud.

James and Shae had some down time this morning together. Our apartment style room has been really nice to hang out in.

My parents arrived this afternoon! We're so happy they're here to be with us and help out with Shae. James will be an inpatient from Thursday - Tuesday.

Tomorrow is the big day! The surgery is at 7:15am St. Louis time (8:15am Ontario time). It'll last approximately 4 hours. We so appreciate your prayers. We have an incredible village backing us in prayer. Thank you!

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