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Outpatient Therapy Begins

We've noticed that since James has left the hospital as an inpatient and has begun his 3 week outpatient therapy sessions he has shown a higher degree of motivation. Settling back into the rhythms of the home such as: sitting up in his own chair to eat (instead of in a hospital bed), moving on his own to reach his toys (instead of having them brought to him), interacting with Shae and getting outside for walks, have all required more out of James and we have watched him recover faster since being in our hotel. He has already started to pull his knees in and push his hands up into a four point position. Not bad at all since having spinal surgery a week ago! He's quickly become more like himself.

We said our goodbyes to Heather Ann and James who came to help us for the first week with Shae. It was wonderful to have them visit us each day during our stay at the hospital and to know that Shae was cared for. We visited the Gateway Arch downtown before they left for the long drive north.

Here is a glimpse into what the Outpatient Therapy Services looks like at St. Louis Children's Hospital. They have an incredible facility and a wonderful team.

Therapy with Addy

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