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Hope Cup Charity Golf Tournament

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

This past weekend, on October 5th, James was the beneficiary of the 6th Annual Hope Cup Charity Golf Tournament at Black Diamond Golf Course in Pontypool. There was a record breaking attendance of over 160 golfers and the event raised a record high of $9000! It was a beautiful sunny fall day despite it being rather chilly. The event was organized by Darryl Mathers who is a friend of a friend of my Mum’s. Yulan Fisher-Brown, a past coworker of my Mum’s connected us with Darryl to be the beneficiary of this years tournament. What an honour! Darryl puts a lot of work into running the tournament every year and he does an incredible job. It was an amazing event - everyone had a great time!

We knew many who golfed in the tournament but even greater was the number of people we didn’t. It‘s pretty amazing to be the recipient of such incredible generosity from a group of people you don’t even know! There’s so many good people in this world who want to give back and help others. It’s a beautiful thing.

Mike's coworkers from Duffin's Bay Public School, Fred, Andreas and Chris

Jon, Ron, Mike and Mark

Dan, Wayne, Jeff and Ken

Brian and Dan Wylie with 2 of their friends

Second from the right is Michelle Peon, a long time friend (and massage therapist!) of our family!

Second from the left is Yulan Fisher-Brown who connected us with this tournament

We were there to greet golfers when they were finished the course and for dinner too. There was a raffle during the dinner portion of the evening and during dessert we had a chance to thank everyone for coming.

The winners of the Hope Cup 2019!

We ate dinner with a little girl named Arya along with her mum and grandparents. Arya was the beneficiary of the tournament last year. Jen, her mum, had a chance to share with the golfers during the reception about Arya's process with her leukaemia treatments. She is doing really well! Shae got along great with both Arya and Jen that night!

We've come to the end of our fundraising events! We have been absolutely amazed by the support we have received. Thank you so much everyone! In just under 3 weeks we head down to St. Louis, Missouri for James' surgery. His surgery is on October 31st (yes, Halloween!). Thank you for the prayers as we pack and prepare to be in St. Louis for about a month. Bring it on!

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