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Getting settled

Today was an unpacking, grocery shopping and exploring our new home day. The hour we gained from changing time zones came in handy today for unpacking and getting ourselves settled. St. Louis is 1 hour behind our Ontario time zone. We are really happy with our apartment style room at the Chase. It’s a nice and comfortable place to call home for the next month.

The Chase gifted us a build-a-bear and a blanket for James! They are very familiar with SDR families here and so friendly and accommodating.

This morning we had a care package dropped off for James from Brenda who is a connection with my past coworker, Holly. Holly’s sister went to school with Brenda in St. Louis and she organized with a group from her church to put together a care package for James. So kind and thoughtful! There’s a bag for Shae too! Lego, books, stuffed animals, colouring books and more filled the bags! Thank you so much Brenda and your small group for putting this together for James!

Mike went to pick up a stander for James today. It couldn't fit in our car with all of our other luggage so I coordinated with Kimberly, a local mother of twins (both of whom had SDR recently) to borrow their stander that they no longer use. Through the St. Louis SDR group on Facebook of over 13 thousand members I was able to connect with Kimberly and coordinate this. Thank you social media! And of course, thank you Kimberly for letting us borrow the stander for the next month. It works well for James!

We finally got to meet a Canadian family who I've been connecting with the last few months. Ben had SDR just 2 weeks ago and is doing so well! They're staying on the same floor as us at the Chase. Stephanie and I connected over social media through our mutual friend, Kaylen. Stephanie, her husband, Dallas and their twin boys, Ben and Alex are here from Kelowna, British Columbia. Ben asked James in the cutest voice, "do you still have spasticity in your back?" It's so cute to witness the unspoken bond these two have by having the same life-changing surgery,

After dinner we went on an evening stroll. There's a beautiful park right across from the hospital. We're liking St. Louis so far!

Tomorrow we meet with Dr. Park!

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