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  • Alison Wilson

Day 4

Just like day 3, day 4 involves 2 sessions of physiotherapy - one session in the morning and the second in the afternoon. Some children may require the parent to be close by to encourage and give comfort when necessary. We've discovered early on with James that he does much better when we're out of sight. We tried to back away during the morning session but still in eye sight and although he wasn't as upset as yesterday, it still wasn't great. This afternoon however we stayed out of sight in a small room in the gym and it worked much better! As parents we're frequently balancing the push and pull of James' emotional wellbeing as well as pushing him towards his mobility goals. We try to carefully read James' cry - is it frustration, discomfort, pain, anxiety? It's quite difficult with limited verbal skills. It was reinforced today that James does much better when we're out of sight and that was satisfying to see him succeed and closer to his pre-SDR temperament.

We enjoyed the gardens again today, this time with James.

Hospital life hasn't been all bad! Look at that relaxed pose (and the spread of food!) It's been amazing to see how loose and relaxed James' legs feel after SDR.

Tomorrow is discharge day!

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Nov 04, 2019

We are with you ... cheering James Michael and holding you

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