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In September of 2017, 13 months after his birth we were referred to Grandview Kids for an multidisciplinary assessment of James as we were all noticing significant gaps in his motor development.  He was not yet able to sit independently or crawl.  I was at work and so Ali took James there by herself.  Their initial assessment of James revealed that he did indeed have cerebral palsy in the form of spastic diplegia and that he would need extensive physiotherapy to challenge his motor development, as well as occupational therapy and speech therapy.  Grandview physiotherapy offers a once a week visit for an 8 week block, then a break for 8 weeks, and then it cycles back around.  OHIP covers the cost of Grandview which is wonderful.  However, the  physiotherapy needed for children with spastic diplegia is every day in order to set the neuropathways for movement through consistent repetition.  Habits are formed through daily use and frequent recollection.  That is why many children with spastic diplegia attend a variety of private therapies to supplement what is offered at Grandview in order to improve the possibility of independent mobility.

Grandview's mission is to inspire possibilities for children and youth with special needs.  Their vision is to provide services and support for children with special needs and their families.

Grandview describing their physiotherapy:

"Physiotherapists at Grandview provide a range of services to support the development and maintenance of functional mobility skills at home, and in the community.  These services may be available for your child from birth through the school years.

Physiotherapists work with children/youth and their families/caregivers to achieve goals such as achievement of new mobility milestones, maintenance of posture and alignment of the body needed for breathing, digestion and movement, or participation in physical activities with family and friends."

Here are a few short videoclips of James working with Grandview physio and occupational therapists.

It was through GrandviewKids that Ali and I were welcomed into a community of like-minded parents of children with cerebral palsy.  This sharing of experiences has been invaluable.  Encouraging one another in the stresses and accomplishments of our children has been moving and rewarding.

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